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Bid Opportunities


It takes a variety of goods and services to keep the City running - everything from road salt, vehicles and uniforms to printing services, office supplies and so much more.

Purchasing staff within the Financial Services Department work with internal departments serving as strategic partners to facilitate value-added procurement for all goods and services. To that end, Purchasing staff assists with procurement project management and collaborate as business partners and advisers.

Key objectives:

  1. Procure the necessary quality and quantity of goods and/or services in an efficient and effective way with a focus on best value, while maintaining the controls necessary for a public institution, in accordance with the Purchasing Policies as approved by Council.
  2. Encourage the most open, competitive bidding process practicable for the acquisition and disposal of goods and/or services, and the objective and equitable treatment of all vendors.
  3. Ensure the maximum value of an acquisition is obtained by determining the total cost over the lifetime of the capital asset, good or service.

By-law 2013-200 outlines the manner and methods the City employs to procure goods and services.

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

For any Purchase Orders issued that are not governed by a signed contract between The Corporation of the City of North Bay and the Vendor, the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated and form a Purchase Order, shall be the version that is posted below, as of the date of the Purchase Order.

Ensure that you are reviewing the terms and conditions applicable to your Purchase Order or contract.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions applicable as of October  21, 2020. 

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Process

The City of North Bay has implemented an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Process.  This enhancement will improve service to vendors by making payments electronically.  The conversion to EFT will provide enhanced security, eliminate cheque fraud, reduce costs and improve the timing of payments. 

Request an EFT Form and return completed forms and any supporting documents by:

    1. Email to:

    2. Mail to:   The Corporation of the City of North Bay | Attn: Accounts Payable | 200 McIntyre Street E. | North Bay, ON | P1B 8V6

Online Procurement Management

All City of North Bay bid opportunities can be found through bids&tenders™, a convenient, electronic tendering platform that will allow you to review tenders and submit bids and proposals online. 

The online system includes a set of checks and balances, making sure all bids are compliant before they can be submitted. There will no longer be a need to print copies of your submissions or have them delivered; instead they will be uploaded to the online system. Please carefully read the bid document for each bid to familiarize yourself with the new process you are to follow.  Electronic submission provides the following additional features.

  • Automated confirmation when your bid has been submitted, received, or withdrawn.
  • Ability to work on a bid, save your work, and see the bid-closing countdown in real time.
  • Ability to withdraw and change your bid, then resubmit if desired.
  • Built-in calculator that does the math for you – no need to worry about math errors.
  • Built-in compliancy checker – so you know your bid is compliant before you submit.
  • Built-in reminders sent to you if a bid has been started but not submitted.

What does this mean for Vendors?

Vendors will need to subscribe to bids&tenders™ to receive notifications about opportunities and submit bids!  To create a new account click here. Annual subscriptions are available that will allow you to bid as many times as you like with every organization that posts their bid opportunities on bids&tenders™. A one-time, pay-per-bid option is also available. You can always check out all open bids in the system even before you pay!

Vendor training guides and videos are available in the Supplier Support Portal. These will help you navigate the electronic submissions process. Should you have any technical difficulties navigating the process, you can always get in touch with the bids&tenders™ technical support team directly at 1-800-594-4798 or 

Digital Bonding

Along with the move to full electronic tender submission for open competitions, the City will be accepting digital bonds.  This is in alignment with support from the Surety Association of Canada.  Click here to learn more. Paper bonds will still be accepted for vendors who do not use digital bonds at this time.

Surplus Goods

Purchasing By-law 2013-200 outlines the process for disposal of City Surplus Goods. Surplus Goods with a residual value may be offered for public auction through GovDeals website.

Notice of Participation With Buying Groups

Public notice as required by the Canadian Free Trade Agreement. The City of North Bay intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following cooperative buying groups. For further information and access to relevant information and notices, please review the websites below.