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Births, Marriages & Deaths

The Clerk’s Office carries out the responsibilities of registering and issuing licenses/permits for marriages and deaths within our community in accordance with the Vital Statistics Act.

Visit the Government of Ontario's website (Service Ontario) for information on Birth Registrations and Certificates.

Prior to getting married in the Province of Ontario, you need an issued Marriage Licence; Clerk's Office staff issue marriage licences in the City of North Bay.

This licence is valid for up to 90 days (3 months) and is valid anywhere in Ontario.

You must be 18 years old to obtain a licence or have parental/guardian consent.

You are required to make an appointment with the Clerk’s Office to obtain a marriage licence.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. subject to availability.

Please review the City’s and Province’s Marriage Licence Requirements prior to making your appointment.

Please complete the Marriage Licence Application Form. Both parties sign the form once completed (not necessary to wait until your appointment).

If you are not able to print the Marriage Licence Application Form, you can pick one up during regular business hours in the Clerk’s Office (5th Floor) at City Hall, otherwise, both parties will be required to complete and sign the form upon attending the appointment.

Provide 2 pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. 1 piece of identification must include your photo.

Provide either:

  • Your government-issued Birth Certificate, including any change of name certificates; or
  • a valid Passport

and one of the following (which must include your photo):

  • Record of Immigrant Landing
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • valid Driver's Licence
  • valid Ontario Photo Card
  • valid Ontario Health Card with photo

The following is required prior to the City issuing a Marriage Licence to previously married individuals:

Divorce issued in Canada:

An original Certificate of Divorce (Decree Absolute or a Court Certified copy) must be presented with an original signature and seal.

Please note that the City cannot accept Divorce Orders (or certified true copies) that were issued in the Province of Ontario; a Certificate of Divorce is required. 

Out of Country Divorce:

Approval is required from the Office of the Registrar General.

For further information please view the City’s Marriage Licence Requirements.

Current Fee: $155.00 due upon receipt of the licence.

Please note that this fee is subject to change and pursuant to the City’s User Fees By-law

At this time the City does not perform civil marriage ceremonies.

A list of registered religious officials is published by Service Ontario (search North Bay after downloading the excel document)

For more information on getting married in Ontario, please visit the Government of Ontario's website.

Marriage Certificates are issued by the Government of Ontario (Service Ontario). If:

  • you’ve recently been married (and 8-12 weeks has passed since your ceremony)


  • you require a replacement certificate,

you must apply to receive a Marriage Certificate directly with Service Ontario, not the City.  

You may attend a Service Ontario kiosk or complete the online application process on the Government of Ontario’s website.

You will require the Marriage Certificate in order to request any change of your last name on your government I.D.

Visit the Government of Ontario’s website and Passport Canada’s website for more information.

All deaths that occur in North Bay are registered with the City.

For deaths occurring in the City of North Bay, a funeral director usually prepares the Statement of Death (Form 15) which includes information about the deceased.

The physician or coroner present at the time of death also completes the Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) containing information on the cause of death.

The funeral director forwards both forms to the City Division Registrar (City Clerk, or designate). Once recorded by the City, forms are sent to the Office of the Registrar General (Thunder Bay, ON) for registration.

Any information regarding deaths, including copies of forms, must be obtained directly from the Office of the Registrar General, not the City.

You can obtain a Death Certificate Application from Service Ontario, or by downloading the Request for Death Certificate Form from their website.

Contact the Clerk’s Office for more details about the City's Death Registration process.

For more information on death registration visit the Government of Ontario’s website  or call 1-800-461-2156.

Aaron Corbeil
Administrative Assistant - Clerk's, Deputy Division Registrar (705) 474-0400 x.2507
Cindy Keech
Administrative Assistant - Council Secretariat, Deputy Division Registrar (705) 474-0400 x.2506