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Noise Exemption Requests Application for Exemption from the City's Noise Control By-Law

Please Note:

Exemptions are authorized by City Council Resolution only. 

A separate application is required for each event.

Acoustical calibrators must be used and windscreen must be used on all outdoor measurements.

Applications will not be processed without the City Clerk receiving all required information and the fee in the amount of $255.00.

Applications for exemptions must be completed and received by the City Clerk at least 60 days prior to the date the exemption is required.

Restrictions based on Schedule 3 of the Noise Control By-Law (2014-53)

Image of Table in Schedule 3 of By-Law 2014-53
By-Law 2014-53 Schedule 3 Restrictions
Image of Table in Schedule 3 of By-Law 2014-53
By-Law 2014-53 Schedule 3 Restrictions


  • Sound levels must be conducted as per Schedule 4 for each period and shall be recorded on an official sound level record form.
  • Calibration must be performed at the start and at the end of the monitoring period.
  • Sound measuring devices must use the "A" weighting and FAST response characteristics.
  • Background noise must be at least 10 decibels lower than the noise source being measured.
  • A survey form must be completed containing date, time, location, noise source, wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity, equipment information (make, model, serial #), site sketch with the location of the noise source and measurement location (including appropriate distances), data and calibration information. A sample survey form is available from the City.

The survey form must be provided:

    • to the City Clerk within ten (10) days of the event; and
    • to the Police or By-Law Enforcement Officer, at the event / premises, upon request.


Measurement of sound levels shall be the responsibility of the applicant who has been granted the exemption.
The “sound level” will be determined by measuring the sound pressure level measured in decibels using the “A” weighting network setting of a sound meter (being a device listed in ANSI Type II or IEC 123 that is calibrated for the measurement of sound and includes Bruel and Kjaer’s Precision Sound Level meter, which setting meets the minimum specification in ANSI Type II or IEC 123).

An acoustical calibrator shall be used.

A windscreen shall be used on all outdoor measurements.

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Karen McIsaac, AMCT
City Clerk (705) 474-0400 x.2510
Véronique Hie
Deputy City Clerk 705-474-0626 x 2522
Karin Pratte, P. Eng.
Senior Environment & Facilities Engineer (705) 474-0400 x.6003