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Public Works, Environmental Services and Parks

The Public Works and Parks department can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the municipal road system, parks and open space, solid waste management services, water treatment and supply, wastewater collection and treatment, storm water management, the municipal landfill site and vehicle fleet. 

Roads Department

The Roads Department maintains 811 kilometres of roadway and 150 km of sidewalks.  During the summer months, various construction projects and programs are initiated such as the patrolling program, the ditching program, spring clean up, road patching, and sidewalk repairs and replacements.  During the winter months, the department runs various programs including patrolling, snow plowing/sanding, and snow removal.

Traffic Department 

The Traffic Department is responsible for maintaining the following all signalized intersections and pedestrian crosswalks, time-of-day school zone speed reductions, transit shelter electrical, decorative lighting, all regulatory and warning signs, all street name signs, all permissive and prohibited parking signs, all road markings.

The Traffic Department is composed of International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) certified employees who are tasked with installing and maintaining all traffic infrastructure. The Department has an employee on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure safety for pedestrians and vehicles at all times.  Through service contract agreements, the Traffic Department also undertakes setting up temporary traffic control and road closures for various City departments, private contractors and various special events organizers.

Sewer and Water Department

Sewer and Water is responsible for the overall water, wastewater, and storm collection systems and operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  The City maintains 304 kilomters of watermains, 270 km of sanitary mains, 226 km of storm mains and a total of 1,458 fire hydrants.

Parks Department 

The Parks Department maintains more than 73 park areas including playgrounds and picnic shelters that provide places for people to relax, picnic, play, walk, blade or swim.

Environmental Services Department

Environmental Services oversees the design, construction and overall management of the City's environmental programs. It facilitates the integration of the City's green initiatives and has a strategic focus on the direction and management of services and initiatives that support future needs and interests of the community. It is responsible for the operation of the Merrick Landfill Site, material recovery facility, garbage and Blue Box collection as well as compliance to environmental laws and regulations.

Fleet Department

The Fleet Department provides services to City departments by supplying safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sound transportation services in a manner that is relevant and responsive to stakeholders, while conserving vehicle value and equipment investment.

Public Works Emergency Contact
Requests for emergencies and 24-hour service must be directed to: