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Historically considered the “Gateway to the North”, North Bay is ideally located at the crossroads of trans-continental highways, railways, air and fibre-optic routes and provides a link to the north, south, east and west for transportation and communication activities. These excellent connections to other markets ensure the rapid and economical transportation of people, products and raw materials.

North Bay is strategically located just three and a half hours' drive from major Ontario centres such as Toronto and Ottawa and a short distance to U.S. markets.

The advantage of North Bay’s location gives your business a competitive edge. Close proximity to major centres, available land, accessible markets and a great lifestyle are all realized in North Bay.

Distances to Major Centres

Centre Kilometers Miles Driving Time
Sudbury 125 78 1.5 hours
Toronto 345 214 3 hours
Hamilton 394 245 4 hours
Ottawa 357 222 3.5 hours
Montreal 555 345 5.5 hours
London 500 311 5 hours

North Bay is a day’s drive from many large U.S. centres. There are six different border crossings available to reach destinations such as Buffalo, Detroit, New York City, Boston, and Chicago. Travel distances to major U.S. centres from North Bay include:

Centre Kilometers Miles Driving Time
Buffalo 490 306 5 hours
Detroit 683 427 7 hours
New York City 770 478 8 hours
Boston 1041 651 10 hours
Chicago 1144 715 11 hours
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