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Cassells Street Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Cassells Street between King Street and Highway 11/17.

Kenalex Construction Company Limited has been selected to complete the project, valued at $10.9 million, plus HST, as part of a public procurement process.

The work includes four travel lanes between King and Olive streets, five travel lanes between Olive Street and Highway 11/17, along with various turn lanes and access upgrades, as well as sidewalks, curbs and gutters on both sides.

The project will see traffic signals at Chippewa and Olive streets replaced, reconstruction of Shaw Street and improvements to the Victoria Street intersection. Sanitary and storm sewer systems will also be replaced, along with the water distribution system.

The Cassells Street bridge will be replaced, including rehabilitation of Chippewa Creek on both sides of the new structure. All disturbed areas will be restored.

According to the preliminary schedule, construction of Phases 1 and 2 from King Street to Chippewa Street are anticipated to be complete by Nov. 25, 2019. Construction of Phase 3 and 4, from Chippewa to Highway 11/17, is to be completed by Nov. 15, 2020.

Key Features

  • Four travel lanes between King Street and Olive Street
  • Five travel lanes between Olive Street and Highway 11/17
  • Various turn lanes and access upgrades
  • 05 metre-wide curb and gutter (both sides)
  • 1.5 metre-wide sidewalk (both sides)
  • Replacement of traffic signals at Chippewa Street and Olive Street
  • Reconstruction of Shaw Street
  • Improvements to the Victoria Street intersection¬†
  • Replacement of the water distribution system
  • Replacement of the Cassells Street bridge
  • Rehabilitation of Chippewa Creek on both sides of the new bridge
  • Restoration of all disturbed area to previous or better condition
  • Realignment of North Bay Hydro's high voltage line on north side of Cassells Street¬†
  • Relocation of various utilities underground

Key Dates

Monday July 22 2019
Phase 1 Starts

Construction of Phase 1 commences. During this period sewers, watermain, road base, curbs, sidewalks, asphalt paving and other ancillary work will be completed that will require a detour to be in place from Chippewa Street to King Street.

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Gerry McCrank, C.E.T., LEL

Senior Project Manager (705) 474-0400 ext. 2305