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Growth Community Improvement Plan

What is the Growth CIP?

The City's new Growth Community Improvement Plan is designed to help grow and improve the community through targeted city wide programming for housing, industrial, downtown and waterfront projects. 

The plan has four target areas, each of which have specific financial incentives for successful applicants. These financial incentives encourage beautification, new jobs, new housing units and more. The four Target Areas are;

  1. Housing Target Area
  2. Industrial Target Area
  3. Downtown Target Area
  4. Waterfront Target Area
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Public Meetings

Two meetings took place in November of 2019. One introduced the proposed Community Improvement Plan and the other provided a follow-up to questions brought up by members of the public and members of Council during the original meeting.

Council Adopted Growth CIP

Growth CIP was adopted on December 10 2019.

Growth CIP Amendment

The Landfill Tipping Fee Rebate was added to the Growth CIP on December 8th 2020. This financial incentive provides a rebate for the required fees associated with the demolition of primary buildings within the Housing Target Area.

1 Year Program Update and Request for Additional Funds

Staff is provided an update earlier than expected due to the program surpassing expectations. The funds in the reserve fund were nearly depleted. As a result, Staff made a request for additional funds.

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