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Short-Term Rental Regulation

The Short-Term Rental (STR) By-law is now in effect. 

Please click on 'STR Licensing Webpage' below and/or contact Customer Service by email at or call (705)-474-0400 to submit an application.

Main STR Webpage

Initial Report to Council - October 2021

  • City Staff brought forward short-term rental regulation options to Council.
Council Resolution 2021-413 - October 2021
  • Council authorized Staff to develop regulations.
Council Resolution 2022-151 - May 2022
  • Council received and referred Report to Council to the Community Services Committee for a meeting under the Planning Act.
Public Meeting for proposed changes to Zoning By-law 2015-30 - June 2022
  • Proposed changes to the Zoning By-law were brought forward and the public had the opportunity to provide comments.
Public Meeting to address comments & questions - June 2022
  • City Staff addressed questions and concerns from previous public meeting.
Council Resolution 2022-228 - June 2022
  • Council approved the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment for defining and regulating STRs.
Public Meeting for proposed changes to City Departments User Fees and Charges By-law - July 2022
  • Council held a public meeting to consider proposed amendments to the User Fees By-law for the fees associated with licensing of STRs.
By-laws for Consideration - August 2022
  • 3 By-laws were up for consideration. 2 of the 3 passed with one receiving a motion for reconsideration.
Notice of Reconsideration - August 2022
  • The proposed User Fees By-law Amendment received a motion for consideration and required the newly elected Council to decide on the matter.
Notice of Reconsideration - November 2022
  • Council decided to reconsider the proposed amendment to the User Fees By-law in relation to Short-Term Rentals during the November 22, 2022 Council meeting. 

User Fees By-law Passed - January 31, 2023

  • Council passed the proposed amendment to the User Fees By-law for Short-Term Rental licensing.