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Pedestrian Crossings

Please Note:

New pedestrian crossovers are being installed throughout the reconstruction of Main Street through the 'Making Over Main Street' project. Pedestrian crossovers are new additions to the City. Please see the information below to make sure you are aware of the responsibilities of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. 

Making Over Main Street Project Webpage

Types of Crossings

Pedestrian crossings help you get from one side of the road to the other. There are many types of crossings in the City, each type has different levels of responsibility for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Crosswalks, crossovers and school crossings all have distinct requirements. 

Crosswalks are usually a part of a road at an intersection. These are indicated with stop signs, traffic signals and pedestrian signals. Drivers and cyclists must wait until pedestrians have cleared a portion of the roadway before proceeding, except when a crossing guard is present. Drivers must wait until the pedestrians and crossing guard have cleared the entire roadway before proceeding for school crossings.

A crossover is indicated by pavement markings, signs and sometimes pedestrian push buttons & overhead lights. Drivers and cyclists must wait for pedestrians to cross the entire roadway at pedestrian crossovers before proceeding.  


  • Use caution
  • Indicate that you want to cross and ensure drivers see you before you enter the road - make eye contact
  • Only cross once traffic comes to a complete stop
  • If there is a push button at the crossing, press it to activate the flashing lights
  • Pedestrians must exercise care even when they are lawfully within a crossing and have the right-of-way 

Drivers & Cyclists:

  • Look for pedestrians who would like to cross the road
  • Wait until pedestrian (s) have completely crossed the road before proceeding
  • Use caution when the road is clear


  • Cyclists - $85 fine may be issued to cyclists for failing to dismount from their bicycle and walk across the road at a pedestrian crossover. When riding through a crossover, cyclists face the same fines as drivers, bicycles are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Pedestrians - $35 fine may be issued to pedestrians for moving into the path of a moving vehicle that is so close to the crossover that it is unable to stop safely. 
  • Drivers - Up to $1,000, and four demerit points may be issued to drivers for failing to yield at a pedestrian crosswalk.

*Fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones. These areas are clearly marked with signs.*

You can find additional information here: 

Where a school-crossing guard displays a red and white stop sign, you must stop before reaching the crossing and remain stopped until all pedestrians, including the school crossing guard, have cleared the entire roadway and it is safe to proceed.