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Municipal Budgets

Each year, the City of North Bay is responsible for managing and investing your tax dollars to meet the needs of this community.  

Annually, Council approves a budget that is split into three areas: operating, capital and water/wastewater.

  • Operating - The City’s operating budget covers day-to-day spending on services such as recreation, parks maintenance, landfill, city roads, garbage collection, transit, marina and fire services.  
  • Capital - The City’s capital budget funds assets that support service delivery. It includes the cost of purchase, construction, repair and renewal of City assets such as roads, bridges, equipment, community centres, water and wastewater treatment plants, and other major infrastructure projects. 
  • Water and Wastewater - The water and wastewater budget ensures the City is able to provide sustainable water services, maintain current infrastructure, such as water pipes, and support the operation of the wastewater treatment plant and related infrastructure.

The annual budget covers all of the city's operational areas, including fire service, community services and operations, recreation, planning and economic development, to name only a few.