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City Encourages eBilling with Chance to Win Water Bill Savings

North Bay, ON – Nov. 7, 2023 – To promote paperless billing, the City of North Bay is offering residents the chance to win a year's worth of water bill savings. 

North Bay water customers who sign up for eBilling before 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 15, 2023, can choose to be entered into a draw to win a credit on their account of $1,100, which is the equivalent of the average annual residential water bill for households consuming 14 cubic meters of water monthly. Customers who are already enrolled in eBilling can log in to their account and sign up to participate in the contest. 

To participate, residents can simply opt for paperless billing when accessing their eServices Account. Those who do not yet have an eServices account must create one and choose the paperless water billing option during registration. The contest winner will be randomly selected by a computer in mid-December and will receive notification via email. 

"By offering this opportunity to win a year's worth of water bill savings, we hope to motivate more residents to join the paperless billing program," said Deputy Mayor Maggie Horsfield. "It's a small change that can make a big difference.” 

Choosing paperless billing allows residents to conveniently manage their water accounts online, offering easy access to view balances, check payment statuses, and compare statements across different billing cycles.  

The benefits of eBilling extend beyond convenience; it significantly reduces paper waste and is environmentally responsible while also translating into cost savings.  

Currently, only about 5,700 customers, representing about 33 percent of the City's water users, receive electronic bills. This means the City sends out approximately 11,200 paper bills each month, incurring an estimated annual postage cost of $125,000. Transitioning to eBilling allows the City to redirect these funds towards other initiatives.  

"Going paperless helps the City allocate resources more efficiently, redirecting funds from printing and mailing to other essential initiatives,” said Deputy Mayor Horsfield. "We look forward to seeing more residents signing up.”  

For more information about makimg the switch to paperless, please visit

City Encourages eBilling with Chance to Win Water Bill Savings