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FireSmart begins at Home!!

North Bay, ON – April 23, 2024 —Wildfires have increased over recent years leaving many communities in ruins and many homes destroyed. It’s time to “Begin your FireSmart Journey” starting in and around your home and neighbourhood.

North Bay Fire and Emergency Services are encouraging you to help build and maintain a wildfire resiliency up to 30 metres around your home. There are many factors that may impact your property’s risk to wildfire so visiting is your first step to protecting your home.

Many resources are available to the homeowner such as “FireSmart Begins at Home Guide” or the FireSmart 101 online course. This free 1-hour course will walk you through the 3 “Home Ignition Zones” around your home teaching you how to reduce the risks on your property starting from your home and working outwards. It is also recommended to download the FireSmart Begins at Home App. to help you coordinate your efforts while on the go.

Remember Fire Safety starts with you!!

FireSmart begins at Home!!