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Sharing the Road

What is sharing the road?

Share the Road is a public safety campaign to increase motorists’ and bicyclists’ awareness of shared responsibility for road safety. Share the road signs alert motorists and cyclists to exercise additional caution.

How to Share the Road

Be respectful and courteous. Look out for cyclists on the road, slow down and only pass when it’s safe to pass. Ensure you leave one metre (three feet) when passing a cyclist.

Cyclists must follow all traffic laws. Just like drivers, cyclists need to look for potential dangers on the road including drivers who may be distracted.

  • Always use hand signals
  • Wear reflective gear every time you ride to make sure you are visible. A variety of products are available at the many retailers.

Share the Road signs

The share the road sign is used to warn motorists that they are to provide safe space on the road for cyclists and other vehicles. This sign also warns motorists and cyclists to exercise additional caution on the upcoming section of road. Share the road signage can be found in North Bay at the following locations: 

  • Memorial Drive - along the Kate Pace Way and advisory bike lanes
  • Laurentian Avenue - along the dedicated bike lanes and advisory bike lanes