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Budget 2022

North Bay Council approves City’s 2022 budget

North Bay Council approved  City’s 2022 budget during its regular meeting on Jan. 11, 2022.

The approved budget includes inflationary increases, addresses contractual labour increases and reflects the continued impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on municipal finances, including lost revenues. The budget is comprised of two components: operating and capital.

The approved 2022 operating budget includes gross operating expenses of $146,411,816 and a tax levy of $101,099,611, an increase of $4,137,927 or 4.27 per cent over last year. The overall tax levy impact on existing property owners equates to 3.99 per cent, when real assessment growth of 0.28 per cent, or $267,924, is considered.

For individual properties, the impact of the 2022 budget is dependent on assessed value and the tax rate, which will be set by Council at a future date. 

The operating budget covers the costs of delivering services to the community, including snow removal, waste collection, fire services, recreation programs and additional service areas of roads, parks, playgrounds, arenas, sports fields and other facilities and infrastructure.

It also includes $44,514,533 in funding for service partners including the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board, North Bay Police Service, North Bay Public Library, Capitol Centre, Cassellholme, North Bay Jack Garland Airport and North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority.

Approved capital investment for 2022 includes $54,404,351 for vital infrastructure including support for the redevelopment of Cassellholme, a new Twin-Pad Arena/Community Centre (pending Council’s final approval) and improvement to roads and sidewalks and other core assets. An additional $14,354,131 will go to support the replacement and upgrade of water and wastewater infrastructure. 

The 2022 budget also includes the continuation of a Property Tax Hardship Program, expanded police patrols of McIntyre Street parking garage and the hiring of a facilitator to oversee the implementation of the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. 

Final budget documents are available here

Water and Wastewater

The City’s 2022 water and wastewater operating budget in the net amount of approximately $24.2 million was approved by North Bay Council during its regular meeting on Nov. 16, 2021.

The budget, which is up compared to 2021 by approximately $500,000, or 2.28 percent, will provide for the ongoing treatment and delivery of water and wastewater, ensuring these critical systems remain safe, reliable and financially stable.   

The 2.28 percent increase translates into $2.38 more each month for an average household consuming 14 cubic metres of water. A household consuming 16 cubic metres of water will see an increase of $2.60 per month and those consuming 20 cubic metres of water will see their monthly bill rise by $3.02. The rate structure will remain at 50 per cent fixed and 50 per cent variable for 2022. Council, however, has directed staff to review the fixed variable rate structure policy goal of 40 percent fixed/60 percent variable and that recommendations be brought forward for consideration during the 2023 budget process. In addition, the water filtration charge for all water system users has been eliminated.

Municipal water and wastewater services are funded by end users as mandated by the province. There are approximately 16,600 water/wastewater customers in the community. The City is responsible for more than 574 kilometres of water (304) and wastewater (270 ) mains, the operations of the wastewater treatment facility on Memorial Drive and water treatment plant on Lakeside Drive, 17 sewage lift stations. Water distribution facilities consist of the following: Ellendale Reservoir, High Lift Pump Station & Re-chlorination Facility; CFB Reservoir; Cedar Heights Pumping Station & Standpipe; Judge Avenue Valve Chamber & Re-chlorination Station; Birch’s Road Standpipe and Re-chlorination Station; and Airport Road Standpipe, Booster Pumping Station and Rechlorination Facility.  These assets are critical in the delivery of clean drinking water and the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of wastewater.

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October, 19

User Fee Report to Council 2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget to Council 2022 Water & Wastewater Calculated Rates to Council

October, 25-27

Special Committee Meetings – 2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget and Water and Wastewater Rates

November, 3

Special Committee Meeting – 2022 Water and Wastewater Rates Public Meeting and User Fee Public Meeting – this is a specific date that allows for 14 days notice prior to passing new rates

November, 16

2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget Approved 2022 Water & Wastewater Rates Approved User Fees Approved

November, 30

2022 Operating Budget Report to Council (Council receives the Operating Budget) Capital Budget Report to Council

December, 6 -16

Special Committee Meetings – Combined Operating Budget and Capital Budget

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