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ICIP Sidewalk Program

The City of North Bay has been successful in obtaining funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) to complete the installation of sidewalks, including storm sewer improvements, on numerous streets throughout the City. This program is a multi-year construction project that will benefit the neighbourhoods that do not have existing sidewalks available to offer safe and reliable travel for pedestrians to and from existing transit stops. It provides for the construction of sidewalks on one side of the road in various locations throughout the City that currently have transit routes. To facilitate the installation of the sidewalks the program will also include the installation of storm sewers, curb & gutter, restoration, and partial asphalt paving including granular road base.


sidewalk location map

In 2021, the City of North Bay is initiating works on new sidewalks throughout the City including partial road paving, partial road base, sidewalk, curb & gutter, and storm sewer on:

  • the South side of Airport Road from Hwy 11 to Kate Pace Way;
  • the East side of Lakeside Drive from Trout Lake Road to Birchhaven Cove Park;
  • the East side of Lindsay Street from Johnston Road to the end of the cul-de-sac;
  • the North side of Johnston Road from Giroux Street to Lindsay Street; and
  • the East side of Giroux Street from Johnston Road to Trout Lake Road

The construction for the new sidewalks and associated appurtenances will be completed in two
construction seasons with the sidewalks on Lindsay, Johnston and Giroux completed this year
with the remaining works completed in 2022.

Work Hours Work on this project will occur Monday to Friday from 7:00am until 7:00pm. During
various operations the contractor will be permitted to work on Saturdays with
proper notice. Working on Sundays is not permitted without special permission.


Cars and

Traffic will be reduced to one lane using flaggers and/or temporary traffic control
lights during construction.
Motorists are reminded to abide by traffic/construction signs posted in local areas
to ensure safe travel of all users including pedestrians and bicycle riders. Every
effort will be made to manage traffic and closures for the safety of construction
workers, pedestrians and residents. Road users should expect delays travelling
through this section for the duration of the project.
Parking Parking will not be permitted anywhere on these road locations during active
construction work. Temporary parking arrangements will be provided by the
contractor to those residents who cannot enter their driveway due to location of
underground and above ground infrastructure installation.
Pedestrians Pedestrians are encouraged to travel along the edges of the right-of-way and
designated areas provided by the contractor.
Deliveries Deliveries may occur during construction using local access but may not always be
possible due to the location of installing infrastructure. The Contractor will make
every effort to assist with delivery of your packages.
Residents Residents along each road section indicated will have access to their property at all
times except when various restrictions occur (construction of various infrastructures
in the area of their property driveway). The Contractor will assist with picking up
your garbage and recyclables placed in front of the residence and delivering to the
collection agency on the day of normal schedule pick-up.
Businesses All businesses’ access will remain open during the construction with signage
placed at both the ends of the construction limits on each road section as
necessary. The Contractor will assist with picking up your garbage and recyclables
placed in front of the business and delivering to the collection agency on the day of
normal schedule pick-up.

Key Dates

Monday September 13 2021
2021 Program Tentative Start

Friday November 12 2021
Lindsay/Johnston/Giroux Completion

Monday May 09 2022
2022 Program Tentative Start

Wednesday November 16 2022
Airport Road and Lakeside Drive Completion

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Gerry McCrank, C.E.T., LEL

Senior Project Manager (705) 474-0400 ext. 2305