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Kiwanis All Wheel Park

Announcement - Online Survey #2

The second design workshop took place at the second floor of the North Bay museum on November 16th between 6pm and 8pm. To access the Online Survey#2, use the QR code on the poster below or use this link. The survey will be accessible between November 16 and 30th. 

Design Workshop #2 Poster

Project Summary

The overall concept for the all-wheel park is for a plaza-style skate park, a pump track, a social/event plaza and a washroom facility. It will be located on the lakeside of Municipal Parking Lot 10/Downtown Transit Terminal and will be integrated with the existing multiuse courts. This project is supported by the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan (DWMP) and is identified in the Parks Master Plan.

Due to the specialized nature of this project, the City will use a 'Design-Build' model for project delivery. This is a project delivery method where the design and the construction services are awarded to a single entity called the 'Design Builder'. Through this method, the Design Builder will engage with the City and public stakeholders at several points during the project (see timeline at the right hand side of this webpage for identified engagement events). Once the design is finalized and accepted by the City, the construction phase will begin. The design-build contract was awarded to New Line Skateparks Inc

The City has received funding approval up to $801,198 through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) under the Community Enhancement Program. The Kiwanis Club of Nipissing have also committed $100,000 to the project (see here for news release). 

Design Workshop #1

Bill Gurney of New Line Skateparks provides an introduction to the All-Wheel Park project planned for the Downtown Waterfront area during the first of three design workshops held at the North Bay Museum on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023.

Please note:

The concept images above are for visualization purposes only. While many of the elements and features in the drawings will be included in the final design, specific details will vary as the design is completed over time. 

Design Workshop #2

The second All-Wheel Park design workshop was held at the North Bay Museum on Nov. 16, 2023. Based on the initial feedback from the first workshop and the first public survey, New Line Skateparks Inc, as well as a Velosolutions representative, presenting several design options for additional feedback.


May 2023- Contract Awarded

City Council approved the awarded contract to New Line Skateparks Inc. for $1.6 million for the design and construction of the All Wheel Park

Design Workshop #1

Thursday Sept. 21 6pm to 8pm North Bay Museum 100 Ferguson St. North Bay, ON

Online Survey #1

Opens Sept. 22 2023 Closes Oct. 5 2023

Design Workshop #2

Thursday Nov. 16th 6pm to 8pm North Bay Museum 100 Ferguson St. North Bay, ON

Online Survey #2

Opens Nov. 16 2023 Closes Nov. 30 2023 Please see the announcement on this webpage to access Survey #2.

Design Workshop #3

Date, time and location to be determined.

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David Jackowski, P.Eng.

Project Manager, Special Projects Operations and Infrastructure (705) 474-0626 ext. 2327