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Waste Management Facilities

North Bay’s Merrick Landfill site provides for the disposal of domestic, commercial and non-hazardous solid industrial wastes within a 16.4 hectare area of a 360 hectare site. Site operations include weigh scale, leachate treatment, ground water and surface water sampling and landfill gas collection, which is helping to reducing methane emissions and our carbon footprint.

In partnership with North Bay Hydro Services, the City operates a power generation facility at the landfill site that utilizes gas produced by organic waste. The (methane) gas is captured through wells and piping networks throughout the landfill and is fed to a generator which feeds power back to the electrical grid

Recyclables are brought to the City’s facility at 112 Patton Street and then shipped for processing into materials that can be used in manufacturing. The Patton Street facility is also where residents are encouraged to drop leaf and yard waste and household hazardous materials such as leftover paints, old batteries and medicines so they can disposed of properly and don’t end up harming the environment. 

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Landfill Operations

The Merrick Landfill located off Highway 11 on Sand Dam Road. 

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Household Hazardous Waste

Safely dispose of electronics and many kinds of household hazardous waste.

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Organic Drop-off

Bring your yard waste to the Organic Drop-off Depot located at 112 Patton St.

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