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Paying Your Tax Bill


This is a reminder to Tax Account holders with pre-authorized withdrawals (on the 1st or 15th) each month.  Starting in 2020, property tax installment plans are now calculated on a 12 month basis.

Billing & Due Dates

Property tax bills are mailed twice a year. The first bill is the Interim Tax Bill which acts as a bridge to finance municipal services until the Final Tax Billing is complete.

The Interim Tax Bill is calculated on 50% of the previous year's total taxes. It is mailed in early February and due on the last working day in February.

The second bill is the Final Tax Bill which is calculated using the current value assessment (CVA) and the final tax rates as established by City Council. It is mailed in June & is due on the last working day in June.

Payments can be mailed to:      

       The Corporation of the City of North Bay
       200 McIntyre Street East
       North Bay, ON P1B 8V6

  • Please make cheques payable to "City of North Bay"
  • Your canceled cheque is your receipt. Post-dated cheques are accepted.
  • Please note that payments must be received by the City by the due date to avoid interest charges.
  • Please attach your cheque to the payment stub provided when mailing your payment.

Payments can be made at most financial institutions up to and including the due date. Service charges may apply.

If paying your tax bill through an automatic teller machine, please pay before the due date. Retain your receipt.

Payments may be made through telephone or internet banking if this service is provided by your financial institution.

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, and your mortgage company is noted on the final tax bill, retain the bill for income tax purposes.

Tax bills can be paid at the Customer Service Centre located on the main floor of City Hall, 200 McInytre Street East, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is a payment box in front of the Customer Service Centre and an outside payment slot located to the left of the front doors of City Hall.

Payments can be made using personal online internet banking. Your fifteen (15) digit roll number is required. Service charges may apply.


  • Payee: North Bay Taxes
  • Account: 050070111110000 (last 15 digits of your roll #)


  • You will no longer have to write cheques or stand in line on an installment due date.
  • Your financial institution will withdraw the payment on the installment dates and record the payments on your monthly statement.
  • You will always make your payment on time, even if you are out of town. You will avoid missed payments and any interest charges.


  • You will reduce your postage and cheque costs by providing authorization to automatically withdraw all of your tax payments from your account.
  • Your payments are spread over 12 months for ease.


  • You don't have to worry about lost or stolen cheques and your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

Monthly (for properties that are NOT in arrears)

  • The plan runs from January to December of each year - 12 monthly payments.
  • The first six payments (January to June) are based on the previous year's taxes. The remaining six payments (July to December) are adjusted to reflect any changes to taxes due to tax rate or assessment related changes.
  • There are two withdrawal dates options available - First (1st) or Fifteenth (15th) of each month.
  • Final Tax Bill will be mailed in June and will indicate your total taxes for the year and is sent for your information only. DO NOT PAY. Please retain the bill for income tax purposes; bills cannot be re-printed. A re-calculated payment schedule will be included with the final bill outlining the six remaining payments for the year.

Installment Plan (For properties that are NOT in arrears)

  • Annual taxes owing are withdrawn twice per year on the installment due dates.

Arrears (for properties that have tax arrears)

  • Ratepayer must enter into an acceptable payment schedule with the Supervisor of Revenues & Taxation - (705) 474-0400 ext. 2128.
  • Agreed upon monthly payments will be withdrawn on the 1st or 15th of each month.
  • Final tax bills and delinquent statements will be issued.
  • Penalty/interest will be added based on any outstanding balance.
  • Once the account is paid-to-date, ratepayer will have the opportunity to choose either the Monthly or Installment Plan options as noted above.

  • To enroll, complete the attached Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application form.
  • Attach a void cheque from the account you wish to use for withdrawal purposes.
  • Once registered in either plan, you will automatically be enrolled in subsequent years.
  • The payment plan is not transferable to another property. A new application must be completed for each property.
  • Upon entry into the program, a payment schedule will be mailed to you advising of payment details for that billing period.

  • A NSF administration fee will be charged if funds are returned by the bank (see User Fees for current charge amount).
  • A returned item notification will be sent reflecting the amount and due date required for replacement.
  • If payment is not received by the specified date, the next month's withdrawal will incorporate the replacement total as well as the required monthly payment.
  • The City may cancel the privilege of continuing in the plan if two concurrent installments fail to be honoured in the taxation year.
  • The unpaid balance of taxes shall be subject to penalties if overdue.

  • Written notice is required at least 15 days prior to the next withdrawal date to cancel the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for any reason. You must complete the Tax and Water Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation/Change form.
  • Failure to provide the appropriate notice may result in the continuance of future withdrawals from your bank account.
  • If we are not notified by the property owner or lawyers, the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan will be cancelled immediately upon receipt of notification of change of ownership.

Late Charges

Penalty and interest is charged on overdue taxes at the rate of 1.25% per month (15% per year) as authorized by Section 345 of the Municipal Act. These charges are added to overdue accounts on the 1st day of default and on the 1st of each month thereafter.

The City of North Bay issues reminder notices for past due payments four times a year. In March, May, July and September.

When payment is received by mail, the tax department will honour the postmark date should payment be received after the due date. A late charge applies to payments postmarked after the due date.

To avoid penalty/interest charges, please ensure that your payment is received by the due date.