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Site Evaluation Program

The Site Evaluation Program seeks to recognize properties that have architectural and/or historical characteristics. The program is sometimes referred to as the Glass Plaque Program, as certain properties with exceptional qualities are commemorated with a glass plaque.

The Municipal Heritage Committee develops a list of properties that might merit consideration from the Committee. This list forms the basis of Committee's work plan, enabling members to prioritize which properties to evaluate. Members of the public, City staff and City Council are encouraged to suggest properties that should be considered. This list is regularly reviewed and revised.

The Committee obtains the property owner's permission before conducting any form of evaluation. Once the owner's consent is achieved, all available Committee members attend the property in question to conduct a site visit. Photographs are taken, notable features are documented and Committee members ask questions of the owner to gain an understanding of the property's history and characteristics.

The Committee has always benefited by having an architect as a member of the Committee, which enables the Committee to gain a detailed understanding of the history of the building's construction, features and the property's significance to the community's built form.

Following the site evaluation, the Committee reviews third party information to get a more fulsome understanding of the property's history. Sources of information include (but is not limited to) the North Bay Public Library, Discovery Centre museum and a title search at the Land Registry's Office.

The next step is for the Committee to complete the scoring evaluation sheet. The scoring system is a numerical system that grades the subject property to a maximum of 100 points on characteristics such as architecture and historical significance, as outlined above (see Property Evaluation System). This score establishes the property's heritage priority level, as per below:

Priority-One Heritage Sites:

Properties that score 90-100 are recognized as being some of North Bay's most historic properties and are deemed to be a Priority-One Heritage Site. Properties earn this distinction through outstanding preservation of historically and/or architecturally significant properties. Priority-One Heritage Sites are presented with a commemorative glass plaque, to be affixed on an exterior wall. With the concurrence of the owner, the Municipal Heritage Committee typically organizes a press event to unveil the plaque and publicly acknowledge the property.

Priority-Two Heritage Sites:

Properties that score 80-89 are recognized as having visible architectural and/or historical attributes and are deemed to be a Priority-Two heritage Site. Priority-Two Heritage Sites are recognized for their important contributions to North Bay's history by way of a certificate.

Priority-Three Heritage Sites:

Properties that score 70-79 have some architectural and/or historical attributes and should be recognized. These properties receive a letter commending the heritage attributes of the property.