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Community Centennial Committee

Community Centennial Committee

Preparations for North Bay's 100th-anniversary celebrations in 2025 are in progress. A dedicated volunteer committee, representing a diverse range of community stakeholders, such as external agencies, local school boards, post-secondary partners, Indigenous groups, cultural and creative organizations, as well as individual contributors, is providing input and collaborating to design and implement the various events, activities, and initiatives that will unfold throughout 2025, commemorating North Bay's century as a city.

The City extends its gratitude to all the applicants who responded to the call for applications from community champions residing in North Bay, willing to contribute to the planning of this significant milestone. Stay tuned for more updates. As the planning advances, there will be additional opportunities for residents, businesses, and other organizations to get involved in this historic celebration.

Terms of Reference

The City of North Bay Community Centennial Committee is intended to bring together members of the community to develop and co-ordinate a city-wide plan to celebrate the City of North Bay's 100th Anniversary in 2025.

The Community Centennial Committee will serve as the community table at which local leaders and organizations will provide input, collaborate, plan, co-ordinate and execute events, activities and initiatives that will take place in 2025.

The goals and objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  • Provide input and support to City staff to develop a city-wide plan for the 100th anniversary of the City of North Bay in 2025.
  • Provide input and support to City staff to develop communications and outreach plans for the 100th anniversary of North Bay in 2025.
  • Assist in planning, coordinating, and delivering 100th-anniversary events, activation, and initiatives as needed.
  • Support outreach activities and act as Anniversary Champions to 100th Anniversary initiatives.
  • Collaborate and determine partnership opportunities between Committee members and the community leading up to and during the anniversary year.
  • Deliver fun and memorable events and activities that celebrate the history and vitality of the City of North Bay over the past 100 years.
  • Identify third party funding and sponsorship opportunities.


All members of the Community Centennial Committee are expected to abide by the following principles for participation and partner engagement:

  • Be open and respectful;
  • Be inclusive and accessible;
  • Foster collaborations to spur action; and
  • Be responsive to the needs of the community.

The Community Centennial Committee membership should consist of members from the community who can support the outlined goals and objectives of the Committee.  Suggested membership is to include, but not limited to:



No. of Members


City-funded external agencies 



Public Post-secondary education institutions (Canadore College, Nipissing University



Cultural Leadership

(Multicultural Centre)


Council representative

City of North Bay Staff (Ex officio)


Mayor & Deputy Mayor (Ex officio)



School Board Representatives (Public & Catholic)


Downtown North Bay D.I.A and North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce



Indigenous Community representative



Tourism North Bay representative



Not for profit organizations (includes arts, culture, sports, recreation, etc.)



Community Champions (e.g. North Bay residents)


Armed Forces North Bay



Honorary Chairs









Members must be North Bay residents or individuals who work for organizations that are located in North Bay.

The following qualifications will be considered for appointing members to the Community Centennial Committee:


For individuals:

  • Experience working in teams, with community groups, not for profit boards or organizations
  • Demonstrated experience in partnership activities, special event delivery and community engagement.

For organizations:

  • Organizational mandate aligns with Goals and Objectives of the Community Centennial Committee.
  • Demonstrated experience in partnership activities, special event delivery and community engagement.

  • Attend and actively participate in all scheduled and special Community Centennial Committee meetings and any Sub-committee meetings that they are a Member.
  • Be an active participant in delivering the goals and objectives of the Committee;
  • Attend City of North Bay and other community organizations' events and initiatives, where appropriate and available;
  • Solicit and share feedback from the public on Committee plans and activities;
  • Be a resource and provide leadership to City staff in their area of expertise; and
  • Review Terms of Reference and make changes as appropriate and as needed.

  • Act as the Committee lead and schedule meetings, book meeting spaces, moderate discussions and summarize meeting discussions;
  • Contribute to Committee discussions and work with Committee members to establish the city-wide plan and program for the 100th anniversary of North Bay in 2025;
  • Connect organizations to each other to build partnerships and to share information about 100th anniversary plans;
  • Develop and execute City-run programs, events and services that celebrate the 100th anniversary of North Bay, and
  • Provide updates on City of North Bay initiatives that relate to the Goals and Objectives of the Committee.


  • Members shall be appointed for two & half (2.5) years beginning in September 2023;
  • Committee Members must attend all scheduled meetings. After two consecutive absences, the seat will be deemed vacant.
  • In the event of a vacancy or resignation, vacancies will be strategically communicated to the target audience and public utilizing various communications methods including via the City's website, social media pages and other media channels.
  • Organizational members are able to assign representation, and attendance at meetings, to other individuals within the organization, individual members are not able to send representatives in their place.
  • Committee members will serve without remuneration.

In 2023, the Community Centennial Committee will meet between two (2) to four (4) times in its inaugural year in City facilities.  The Committee at its inaugural meeting will determine the meeting schedule.  In subsequent years, the meeting schedules will be determined by City staff, in collaboration with Committee members, and be based on deliverables outlines in the city-wide anniversary plan once developed.

Members shall reflect a professional and courteous manner when interacting with each other and members of the public.  Should a Member of the committee exhibit a pattern of inappropriate conduct, the Committee may rescind the Member’s appointment.  


City-funded external agencies 

Katina Connelly - Capitol Centre
Jeff Fournier - Heritage Committee

Seniors Rep. - Not yet Confirmed

Naomi Hehn - North Bay & Area Museum

Ravil Veli - North Bay Public Library 

Public Post-secondary education institutions (Nipissing University, Canadore College)

Steven Smits - Nipissing University
Graham Loyst - Canadore College

Cultural Leadership Council representative (Multicultural Centre) Deborah Robertson -Multicultural Centre
City of North Bay Staff (Ex officio) Melinda Fry - City of North Bay
Erin Vaughan - City of North Bay
Lacey Stevens - City of North Bay
Gord Young - City of North Bay

Mayor & Deputy Mayor (Ex officio) Mayor - Peter Chirico
Deputy Mayor - Maggie Horsfield
School Board Representatives (Public & Catholic) Liana Blaskievich - Near North District School Board
Luc Larocque - Franco-Nord
Paula Mann - NPSC
Michel Page - CSPNE
Downtown North Bay D.I.A & North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce Amber Livingstone - Downtown North Bay
Donna Backer - Chamber of Commerce
Indigenous Community representative

Maurice Switzer - Indigenous Friendship Centre

Tourism North Bay representative Tanya Bedard - Tourism North Bay
Not for profit organizations (includes arts, culture, sports, recreation, community service clubs, etc.) Holly Cunningham - Creative Industries
TBD- Sports Hall of Fame
TBD - North Bay Pride
Anne Brule - Les Compangnos
Community Champions (e.g. North Bay residents) Sarah McGowan - Community Champion
Thomas Palangio - Community Champion
Bill Steer - Community Champion
Catherine Mayne - Community Champion
Dave Mendicino - Community Champion
Armed Forces North Bay Chief Pignatel
Honorary Chairs Colin Vezina - Honorary Chair
Garth Goodhew - Honorary Chair


All media contact shall be made through City of North Bay staff including the provisions pertaining to the use of corporate logo(s), letterhead, website, information pamphlets, media advertisements and the like.