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Event Hosting Program

The City of North Bay, in cooperation with local community groups, have experienced considerable success in hosting a wide range of cultural events, conferences, meetings, sporting activities and special events at various levels. The City continues to support events on an ongoing basis through the existence and availability of facilities and infrastructure. These events individually, and more noticeably collectively, provide a significant impact to the community and provide an opportunity to showcase and promote the many positive attributes of our City.

These events and tournaments are organized and run by dedicated volunteer groups with the assistance of city resources and facilities as required.

The primary purpose of establishing the Event Hosting Program is to assist local community groups in their ongoing efforts to outreach into the community, by providing financial assistance to them in hosting special events, which, in turn will generally:

  • Result in a significant community impact.
  • Present the opportunity to showcase and promote the City of North Bay.
  • Support and grow the valuable work of local community groups.


  • Individuals, community organizations or businesses may submit an application for funding of non-profit events.
  • Financial contributions can be used to:
    • Offset some of the City of North Bay rental fees, permit fees, licensing fees, road closure fees, and by-law exemption fees.
    • Offset some of the operating costs incurred for hosting events.
    • Assist special events or individual events that have a substantial impact on the community.
    • Other relevant expenses incurred during the planning of the event.
  • Preference is given to new events that generate significant community impact.
  • Preference is given to events that demonstrate community partnerships.
  • Funding assistance will be in the form of a sponsorship grant (non-repayable).
  • Although having received previous funding assistance from the Event Hosting Program does not exclude your organization/event to re-apply, preference will be giving to events that demonstrate new community development and growth.
  • The funding is not intended to support annual events on an on-going basis.  Where an event has undertaken a change of scope and/or extensive growth, an application may be submitted for consideration.
  • Not all projects meeting the program criteria outlined above will receive funding.
  • Events must be held within the City of North Bay 
  • Successful applicants must ensure they're up to date on any monies owed to the City prior to payment being issued.

Application Process

Individuals, organizations or businesses may submit the completed Event Hosting Program Application to the City of North Bay’s Arts, Recreation, Culture & Leisure Services Department.

Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2024 at 4:30 pm (any applications received after this date will only be processed if there are remaining program funds).

Applications to be submitted to or dropped off in person to the Arts, Culture and Recreation Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall.

Evaluation Process

With numerous competing priorities and limited resources, the Event Hosting Program provides a transparent process to evaluate applications with the focus of maximizing community impact, by providing community groups with an outreach into the community.

A Review Committee, consisting of representatives from Tourism North Bay, Community Development & Growth Department and the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce will evaluate each application and make a decision as to approve or decline based on the scoring outcome.  

The application will be evaluated using a rate card which will determine the impact of the event on the community. This rate card will also guide the Committee in determining the level of financial support that can be provided.

If approved, the Host applicant will receive a confirmation letter outlining next steps to obtain payment and clearly outlining that funding is contingent on the following:

  • Acknowledging the City of North Bay as a sponsor and display the city logo (relative to the sponsorship amount provided) at the event (e.g. in the program or event agenda, etc.)
  • Providing the  Review  Committee  with  a  brief  post-event  report  outlining  the following no later than 60 days after the event:
    • Description of success of community outreach
    • Number of attendees
    • Media coverage
    • Listing of all other event sponsors and recognition received.

North Bay Event Guide

North Bay Event Guide