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Government Initiatives & Incentives

Government Initiatives & Incentives

Providing the City of North Bay with initiatives and incentives for the construction more and diverse forms of housing is a shared responsibility between Federal & Provincial governments, the City of North Bay, and the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board (DNSSAB). All levels of government and housing service providers provide different funding opportunities for the construction of housing.   

The Federal Government of Canada, through the 'National Housing Strategy' has identified that the country is in a housing crisis. The strategy identifies housing as an essential component to the inherent dignity and well-being of citizens. The strategy also identifies that housing should be attainable to all social economic levels and meet the diverse needs of the people and cultures of Canada. 

The Government of Canada has also introduced the 'Housing Accelerator Fund' with the goal of creating more housing units. The fund provides funding to municipal governments which encourages initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply. The fund also supports the development of complete, low-carbon and climate resilient communities that are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse. 

Federal Resources:

The Province of Ontario has also recognized the housing crisis through the ‘More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan’. The province has estimated a need for an additional 1.5 million housing units within the next 10 years. The Province has identified that 83% of buyers can’t afford the average cost of resale homes. Resale home prices have risen by 8-9% and the rental prices have risen by 10-15%.

Ontario recognizes the need for additional housing units and options, however, the timeline to get new units built has created additional barriers. The province has identified a five-point plan to achieve the additional housing units at an attainable price.  

Provincial Resources: 

The City of North Bay understands that different factors, such as; the increasing cost of living, housing construction, housing purchase costs, increased migration to the City and the aging population requires more housing to be built to meet the housing demands.    

The City of North Bay has the responsibility of providing policy and processes to create housing units. These policies and provisions are largely implemented through the City's Official Plan and Zoning By-law. These policies support and provide flexibility to facilitate residential development of different forms. 

The City provides several incentives and helpful resources to help build more housing in the community. 

Initiatives and Resources: