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Zoning By-laws

Use the interactive zoning maps from Zoning By-law 2015-30 to find the zoning on a property:

GIS Interactive Tool

Zoning By-law 2015-30

The City is divided into "zones", where different land uses are permitted.

These zones are set out in the zoning by-law.  There are zones, for example, which permit single detached dwellings, others that permit apartment buildings, or shopping centres, or industrial uses, etc.

Sometimes there are situations where the zone applied to a property does not meet the intent or the desires of a property owner.  An application to amend the Zoning By-law can be made that will be evaluated by municipal staff, through a public process, with a decision on the proposed amendment finally made by City Council.

Examples could include adding a second unit to a home where it isn't permitted, changing from residential to commercial uses, or any substantial change involving the by-law.  Generally, if you're adding a use or making a substantial (i.e. not minor) change to the by-law, a Zoning By-law Amendment is necessary.

Below is a list of links to help with the Zoning By-law Amendment process. If you have any questions with the process contact the Planning & Building Department.

Application Form:

Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Application Fees:

Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) $2,750
Zoning By-law Amendment to legalize existing illegal use $5,500
Concurrent Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and Zoning By-law Amendment $4,500
Current OPA/ZBA/Subdivision or Condominium (up to 20 lots) $6,500
Current OPA/ZBA/Subdivision or Condominium (21 to 50 lots) $8,500
Current OPA/ZBA/Subdivision or Condominium (50+ lots) $9,500

Helpful Links:

When is a public meeting called?

Public Meetings for Zoning By-law Amendments (or rezonings) are held at a Committee meeting of City Council. 

Can anyone participate?

Anyone can participate in public meetings that are held under the Planning Act.

What is the usual procedure for a public meeting?

  • A member of the Planning staff presents the Planning Report recommendations relating to the application.

  • The applicant (or, in some cases, his solicitor or agent) describes the proposal and explains the rationale for wanting to carry it out.

  • Members of the Committee direct any questions they have about the proposal to the applicant and/or the staff.

  • The Chair then invites input from members of the public who are in attendance, and who wish to speak. Speakers are asked to provide their name and address and to identify any group you may be representing.

  • After all of the public input has been received, the Chair closes off the "public participation part" of the process.

  • The applicant or staff may be asked to provide additional information if required.

  • A motion is made, seconded, debated and finally put to a vote by the Committee; and when a decision has been made it will be sent on to Council for consideration and a final decision.

Appealing a decision of Council

The Ontario Lands Tribunal (OLT) is an adjudicative tribunal that hears cases in relation to a range of municipal planning, financial and land matters. These include matters such as official plans, zoning by-laws, subdivision plans, consents, minor variances, development charges, and other issues assigned by numerous Ontario statutes.

  1. The City of North Bay zoning maps and related by-law information are provided as a public service. In any situation where the printed official map or by-law document of the City of North Bay differ from electronic versions contained in this website, the official printed publications take precedence. Users of this electronic information should verify it with the printed official information before acting on it.

    Content you access here is not necessarily an exact and/or current reproduction of official documents. For example, by-law revisions may be in progress or Internet browser display capability may affect map presentation formats. The City of North Bay does not warrant the accuracy of these electronic versions and accepts no responsibility for any damages suffered by any person as a result of decisions made - or actions based - on informational content accessed via its Internet site.

    Official versions of all zoning maps and related information can be obtained from the Planning Department at (705) 474-0400 during normal business hours. Note: This PDF file is quite large and may take some time to download.

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Making a Complaint

All complaints regarding zoning and the use of property will be investigated by the City’s By-law Zoning Administrator.  


Complainant Information
Location of Infraction


Please Note:

Effective July 1, 2023, all property owners seeking to apply for an Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Plan of Subdivision/Condominium or a Site Plan Control Agreement must submit their proposal for mandatory consultation with the City, it's various departments and partner agencies. The mandatory consultation process will allow City staff to determine what information, reports and technical studies are required to constitute a complete application under the Planning Act.

The mandatory consultation process is administered by a group of employees known as the Development Application Review Team (DART). DART meets on a bi-weekly basis on Mondays at 1:30 via Zoom.

To fulfill your mandatory consultation requirements and to have your proposal reviewed by DART, please complete the application form by clicking below and submit it to, along with the necessary attachments. To be included on the DART agenda, all documents must be submitted no later than 12:00PM the Wednesday prior to a DART meeting.

For meeting dates or for further information regarding the consultation process, please contact Peter Carello by email ( or by phone (705-474-0400, ext. 2409).

Pre Consultation Application Form Pre Consultation Process Flowchart Zoning By-law Amendment Application Form