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Playground Safety

Playgrounds are meant for children; however, children should be supervised by an adult while they are using equipment.  Younger children need you within reach at all times to spot them on equipment and to be there when their small hands or feet slip unexpectedly.

Safety Tips

  • Remove drawstrings, loose clothing, skipping ropes and bicycle helmets as they have caused strangulation of children on playground equipment.
  • No drawstrings, skipping ropes on slides or swings
  • No bicycle helmets while on playground equipment
  • Wear shoes
  • Tuck in or remove scarves, shoelaces, hat and clothing ties and loose clothing
  • Check the playground equipment before your child uses it. Equipment is checked on a regular basis by Parks staff; however, just because a playground was safe yesterday, it does not mean it is safe today. Many people use playgrounds for many purposes.
  • If you notice that a piece of equipment needs repair, please report it by calling the Parks Department at 705-474-0626 ext. 2600 or after hours and on weekends: Public Works dispatch 705-474-4340.
  • Check blindspots often.  These are areas of the playground that are blocked from view (e.g. inside closed slides).

Encourage children to play safe by making sure they:

  • Wait their turn
  • Have only one child at a time on the equipment
  • Sit down on the swing
  • Go down slides feet first
  • Hold onto hand grips and railings
  • Play on age-appropriate equipment