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One of the great things about life in North Bay is that it's situated right between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake, and that means lots of sandy beaches. There are a total of 43 beach access areas in North Bay! Three of these beaches are supervised. Supervised beaches are Shabogesic Beach on Lake Nipissing at the Waterfront, the Birchaven Cove and Olmsted Beach on Trout Lake.

So make sure you bring your bathing suit and sunscreen when you visit us. For more information about local beaches please contact the Arts, Culture and Recreation department at (705)474-0626 ext. 2329 or 2335.

Beach Safety Rules

  • Lifeguards are responsible for the area within the buoylines only. Swimmers outside the buoylines are at their own risk.
  • Lifejackets are allowed as long as they are worn properly and D.O.T. approved. No waterwings or other devices unless guardian is within arms reach.
  • No dogs in the park except on a 6-ft leash. No dogs in the sand or water areas of the beach
  • No running or pushing on the dock. No swimming under the dock
  • No jumping from rocks or other dangerous locations. Do not jump from or sit on the lifeguard chair or use any other rescue equipment.
  • Do not hold or sit on buoylines unless you need help.
  • Llifeguards are not for babysitting children or objects.
  • No feeding the birds. (Seagulls, ducks, etc )
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the park or beach area.
  • The municipal parks by-law is in effect.
  • Follow all posted rules and obey the instruction of any lifeguard or authorized person. 

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons have been cancelled for the Summer of 2023


Lifeguard Schedule

Each summer lifeguards are on duty at three of our local beaches. During the times that they are on duty, the lifeguards are responsible for the water area within the buoy lines. Anyone swimming outside of the buoy lines is doing so at their own risk.

The lifeguards are also responsible to ensure that the Parks Bylaw is followed within the beach park area. They will educate the public as to the Parks bylaw. This include- no dogs/pets in the beach area; no alcohol consumption in the park.


Lifeguards will be on duty from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Seven (7) days a week at the following locations:

  • Shabogesic Beach - Memorial Drive
  • Olmsted Beach - Lakeside Drive 

***Due to a shortage in lifeguards the Cove will NOT be supervised this summer***