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With 21 low-floor accessible conventional coaches, accessible transit service is available in North Bay on all routes with buses capable to accommodate those who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, as well as those who may have difficulty using stairs.

Each accessible transit bus is equipped extendable access ramps and two reserved wheelchair areas. Customers must be able to maneuver their mobility aid device in a safe manner. Transit operators are available to assist fastening the restraining devices. People requiring additional assistance are requested to travel with an assistant. Accessible transit customers must board and exit through the front doors. Transit operators will endeavor to ensure the reserved area is cleared prior to your boarding.

Accessible fares are the same as regular fares. An attendant accompanying a person with a disability ride for free. Transit operators will accept exact cash fare, a valid pass, ticket or transfer when you board the bus.  Please remember, our operators do not carry cash. If you require a transfer you must ask for it when you board the bus.

As the bus approaches, make sure the bus is the one you want. Don't hesitate to ask the driver if you are unsure of where the bus is going. All riders must enter by the front doors.

It is best to wait four to five feet away from the front door of the bus, allowing for adequate clearance. After other customers have boarded, move forward up the ramp. Pay your bus fare, obtain a transfer if you will be changing buses. Moving forward down the aisle is the most effective way to secure a space.

Move forward down the aisle and back into the wheelchair space provided. The operator will ensure that the lift-up seats are raised. Back into the secured and fasten the safety strap across you chest. Make sure you lock your brakes.

If you know at which stop you wish to exit the bus, press the yellow stop strip or red button on stanchions to signal the driver. Once the bus has come to a full stop, please move the face the front of the bus and proceed to the yellow safety line on the bus floor. Stay behind the safety line on the floor of the bus until the ramp has been completely lowered by the driver. Move onto the ramp facing forward and exit the bus.

If a bus is full, or is already carrying two customers in wheelchairs, the driver will not be able to pick up additional wheelchair customers. The operator will stop the bus and inform you that secured areas are occupied and will let you know when the next scheduled bus will arrive.

North Bay Transit Operators are concerned about the safety of their passengers. Operators have been trained to provide the safest and most efficient service. Training includes safe operation of the ramp system and an understanding of customer needs. Please ask your operator if you have any questions.

ParaBus Service

Residents who are unable to board the conventional transit system due to a disability are eligible to use the North Bay ParaBus.

  • Fares for specialized transit service trips are the same as North Bay's conventional service.  Cash or 10-trip ParaBus tickets can be used.  
  • Passengers are permitted one companion, provided there is sufficient space at the time of booking. All companions must each pay the same one way as the customer.
  • Groceries and other parcels may be brought on board, but will be limited to only what you are able carry in one load. Drivers will not assist with carrying groceries or similar packages. Arrangements should be made for someone else to assist you if you cannot carry packages by yourself.
  • Parabus will provide curb to curb service.  Upon request to, and at the discretion of the operator, this service will include assistance opening a main entry door for a distance of up to nine metres from the bus on a well maintained surface.  The Parabus operator cannot enter the doorway, nor can they carry any personal belongings.  If anything more than this basic assistance is required over this distance, or any assistance beyond the nine metres is required, it is the responsibility of the client to make arrangements for an attendant or for this assistance to be provided at the boarding and drop off locations.  If the client requests the basic assistance to be provided by the Parabus operator within this nine metres, it must be in a safe location such as a walkway with adequate winter maintenance.

Applications are available at the Transit Terminal located at 190 Wyld Street.

An copy of the application form is also available to fill and print.

After submission of a complete application, North Bay ParaBus staff will respond within 14 days either approving or declining the application.

Based on the application information and the client's needs, approved applications will fall into one of the following eligibility categories:

  1. Unconditional Eligibility
  2. Temporary Eligibility
  3. Conditional Eligibility

For those applications who do not qualify for Specialized Transit, on request, the team at North Bay Transit will provide Travel Training. Travel Training will include a demonstration of the accessibility features on the conventional transit system, provide schedule information, and provide a brief customized training session based on the client's own travel needs. 

Once your application has been approved, you can request the ParaBus up to 30 days in advance, but must book no later than noon 2 days before your appointment in order to ensure a ride.

The ParaBus service can be booked during the following hours:

Monday to Friday:

7:30 am - 11:00 pm


9:00 am - 11:00 pm


9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Our Dispatch Office operates during the following hours: 

Monday to Friday:

7:00 am to 5:00 pm





The fare is $3.00 per rider (1-way trip for all registered riders and their attendants) Note: Only exact cash is accepted.

A multiple fare cards is $27.00

  • Your name, and the address at which you wish to be picked up at
  • The date and time you wish to travel
  • The address you are traveling to
  • Purpose of the trip
  • What time you wish to be picked up to return home
  • If someone is accompanying you

If you are going to use the ParaBus on a regular basis such as to and from work/school or for medical appointments, you may book your trips up to a month in advance or request subscription service.

Bookings for Saturday, Sunday and Monday must be be called in before noon on Thursday.

You must be registered with ParaBus to use the service.

Please book early. Reservations are accepted up-to 30 days in advance, but you must book no later than noon 2 business days before your appointment to ensure a ride.

If you have to cancel a trip, please do so as early as possible, so that we can reschedule trips to accommodate others.