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For Businesses

Please Note:

The City is committed to making the 'Making Over Main Street' project as smooth and seamless as possible for business owners in the project area. The City has dedicated liaison personnel to ensure efficient communication for everything relating to the project. The best way to reach out to the City Liaison is by filling out the dedicated form. You can email or call 705-474-0400 x2404. 

There is a dedicated construction office @ 168 Main St. East which will be there throughout the duration of the project, walk-ins are welcome. While the office may not be unlocked at all times of the day, a sign should be posted on the door and should include the contact information for the Contractor's Liaison. The Contractor's Liaison will be working out of this office and will also be available to answer questions and assist business owners and citizens. You can contact the Contractor's Liaison by email or by phone @249-879-7770.  

The construction office includes general information about the project, conceptual drawings of the work to be completed and contact information for relevant Contractor and City of North Bay Staff. 

Construction office located at 168 Main St. E

Construction office located @168 Main St. E

All businesses’ access will remain open during the construction with temporary wayfinding signage placed at both the ends of the construction limits on each road section as necessary. The DIA (Downtown North Bay & Waterfront) has also installed DIA branded signage along the construction fencing in several areas. 






Work on this project will occur Monday to Friday from 7:00am until 7:00pm. During various operations, the contractor will be permitted to work on Saturdays with proper notice. Working on Sundays is not permitted without special permission.

Click here for more information on the project schedule. 

On-street parking on Main St. and some side streets will not be available for blocks under active construction. However, all other parking spaces in the area will function as normal. See here for more information about parking downtown.

Additional 2-hour free parking will be added to Municipal Lot #10 for the duration of the construction project. This municipal lot is located behind the North Bay Transit Terminal. There will also be additional 1-hour free parking in a designated section of Municipal Lot #11 which is located off of McIntyre St., in front of City Hall.  

Click here for a map of downtown parking.  

The Contractor will assist with picking up garbage and recyclables placed in front businesses and move the materials to the ends of the construction zones for normal scheduled pick-ups. 

Deliveries may occur during construction using local access but may not always be possible due to the location of installing infrastructure. The Contractor will make every effort to assist with delivery of packages.

Complimentary street level window washing will be provided for the project area on a weekly basis during construction on each block. This will ensure that ground level windows remain clean whenever possible.  

Traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) control and signage will follow Ontario Traffic Manual - Book 7 Temporary Conditions and will also reflect the staging and signage provided in the contract documents.

for a visual of representation of the detour routes, see the Interactive Mapping Tool

Motorists are reminded to abide by traffic/construction signs posted in local areas to ensure safe travel of all users including pedestrians and cyclists. Every effort will be made to manage traffic and closures for the safety of construction workers, pedestrians and residents. Road users should expect short detours around certain blocks for the duration of the project.

The Contractor has provided staging and signage to permit pedestrians to access businesses within the construction zone. Temporary wayfinding signage is installed at the road construction limits to assist pedestrians access to each business. Pedestrians will continue to be separated from the construction equipment/operation using fencing, caution tape, and other types of barricades and access to building entrances will be provided using temporary boardwalks and ramps whenever necessary.

Gerry McCrank, C.E.T., LEL
Senior Project Manager (705) 474-0400 x.2305
Joel D Therrien
City Liaison 705-474-0400 x 2404
Gord Young
Communications Officer (705) 474-0626 x.2505