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Frequently Asked Questions

All accesses to businesses within the construction area will remain open throughout the project. Sidewalks will continue to remain open whenever possible and safe alternatives will be provided whenever necessary. 

On-street parking on Main St. and some side streets will not be available within blocks under construction. However, all other parking spaces in the area will function as normal. See here for more information about parking downtown.

Additional 2-hour free parking will be added to Municipal Lot #10 for the duration of the construction project. This municipal lot is located behind the North Bay Transit Terminal. There will also be additional 1-hour free parking in a designated section of Municipal Lot #11 which is located off of McIntyre St. (which is located in front of City Hall). 

Click here for a map of downtown parking.  


Regular working hours will be between 7:00am and 7:00pm from Monday to Friday. Construction crews will also be permitted to work on Saturdays with proper notice. Working on Sundays is not permitted unless special permission is given. 

The tentative timeline at this stage is from May 2023 to October 2024. Please see the 'Scope and Schedule' tab on the Making Over Main Street webpage for more information. 

The best way to have questions answered is to fill out the dedicated question form. If you prefer to speak over the phone, you can reach the City's Project Liaison at 705-474-0400 ext. 2404. You can also contact the Contractor's Liaison by email or by phone @249-879-7770. 

There is also a dedicated construction office at 168 Main St. East which will be there throughout the duration of the project, walk-ins are welcome. While the office may not be unlocked at all times of the day, a sign is posted on the door and includes the contact information for the Contractor's Liaison. The Contractor's Liaison will be working out of this office and will also be available to answer questions and assist business owners and citizens.    

The construction office includes general information about the project, conceptual drawings of the work to be completed and contact information for relevant Contractor and City of North Bay Staff. 

Construction office located at 168 Main St. E

Construction office located @168 Main St. E

Yes. The best way to receive automatic updates is to activate push notifications or add your email address to the 'notifications' tab on any 'Making Over Main Street' related webpage. Staff will be updating pages whenever new information becomes available. 

The project was originally identified as part of the Downtown Waterfront Masterplan (DWMP) which included extensive public consultation in 2016. As the project developed, there were subsequent consultations including but not limited to: multiple meetings with identified stakeholder groups such as the Downtown North Bay and Waterfront (DIA) and the Downtown Investment Advisory Committee (DIAC) and multiple public open houses in 2022 and 2023.    

There are approximately 44 existing trees throughout the project area. These trees will be removed and replaced with 24 new trees with larger tree pits. Larger tree pits are intended to allow for more root growth and to provide for a larger tree canopy over time.

These trees are not suitable for transplanting due to their size and maturity.  When these trees are removed, it will be very difficult to save their large root system.  Trees of this size that have their root system heavily disturbed have a very low survival rate. However, those who are interested in obtaining removed trees can do so by contacting the Contractor's Liaison directly by email @ or by phone @249-879-7770.   

New trees will be a mix of: Red Maple, Hackberry, Maidenhair, Shademaster Locust, Burr Oak, Ivory Silk Lilac and Glenleven Linden. To see a visual representation of the intended locations of the trees, see the interactive mapping tool

Please note that the proposed trees will not be planted on a block by block basis, proposed trees will be planted once the entire project is nearing completion.  

The original midblock crosswalks/pedestrian crossovers are 'courtesy crosswalks' and do not provide pedestrians with the legal right-of way. Through the 'Making Over Main Street' project, these existing midblock crossings will be upgraded to 'pedestrian crossovers'. These crossovers will give pedestrians the legal right of way. These new crossovers will be completed on a block by block basis. 

There are currently a total of six midblock 'courtesy crosswalks' throughout the project area. One will be eliminated due to non-conformance to AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) regulations - all others will be upgraded to 'courtesy crosswalks'. These upgrades will include, line painting and signage to alert to motorists and cyclists where to stop and to give pedestrians the right of way.  All existing stair and ramp locations will be replaced except for one location that does not have an existing ramp to meet AODA Regulations.

The new pedestrian crossovers will be in the same locations as the existing courtesy crosswalks except for the one in front of the Block Public House & Blind Alley Brewery building at 122 Main St W. This crossover will be relocated roughly 5.0m further towards the Ferguson St. intersection. Visit the interactive mapping tool for a visualization. Two of the five crossovers will also feature overhead ‘festoon’/string lighting - click here to see the image gallery.

How do you identify a pedestrian crossover? 

A crossover is indicated by pavement markings, signs and sometimes pedestrian push buttons & overhead lights. Drivers and cyclists must wait for pedestrians to cross the entire roadway at pedestrian crossovers before proceeding.  

To learn more about pedestrian crossings, visit 

Under the contract, the removal and disposal of the brick is the contractor's responsibility and will be salvaged or crushed for the contractor's purposes. The contactor may or may not have extra bricks for the public but cannot guarantee that any will be available. For those interested in inquiring about obtaining bricks from the contractor, please contact them directly by email @ or call 705-521-3160.  

Gerry McCrank, C.E.T., LEL
Senior Project Manager (705) 474-0400 x.2305
Joel D Therrien
City Liaison 705-474-0400 x 2404
Gord Young
Communications Officer (705) 474-0626 x.2505