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Overpass Banner Project

Overpass Banner Project

The Corporation of the City of North Bay in partnership with the City of North Bay’s Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC), is seeking artists and designers to submit digitally created images, high quality photographs or scans of original artwork. Submissions must be in a digital format and will be used to create a (36’’x92’’) banner that will be mounted onto a light post on the Main St./Lakeshore Dr. overpass.

The artist is responsible for the design only. Installation will be handled by the City of North Bay. All submissions will be juried using the PAAC evaluation rubric.

Risk + Responsibility

Artists should understand that the finished work will be installed onto mounted light posts which may require repair or replacement due to the elements. Therefore, the City of North Bay cannot guarantee the duration of the work’s display or be responsible for any damages or modifications of the artwork due to required maintenance and wear and tear. Artists should also be aware that public artwork can be a target for vandalism. The City of North Bay cannot guarantee that vandalized works will be repaired, restored, or replaced as this is dependent on available funding. Artists must accept this risk that their artwork may be removed if damage or vandalism occurs at the city’s discretion.

You are not required to tailor your design or image to fit the banner size. If you have rendered your design to fit the dimensions that is great but will not be a determining factor in the selection process.

What to Include in Submission

  • Maximum (2) Digital image(s) of your artwork - vector, based format or high-resolution image (300DPI)
  • In ONE PDF Document include:
  • Contact Information
  • Short bio including connection to North Bay (under 100 words)
  • Brief description of inspiration (under 100 words)
  • Artist website and/or social media link (if available)

Ways to Apply

  1. Create a portfolio folder in your Google Drive or cloud service titled “your name - North Bay Overpass Banner Project 2024”

    • On your folder go to the far right and select the three dots (more actions)
    • Select share, under general access switch from “restricted” to “anyone with the link”
    • Select copy link and hit done
    • Copy the link into an email and send it to

  2. OR Email all documents to

Eligibility + Criteria

  • Artist, designers, and creative professionals with ties to North Bay and area
  • Must be unique and original work, new or existing artwork is eligible
  • If you submitted artwork for the Traffic Box Initiative or Panel Art project, please submit a NEW design (duplicate designs will not be accepted)
  • Must not include promotion, branding or business logos
  • Must not include any vulgar or offensive words or explicit offensive imagery
  • Must consider ways of mitigating graffiti, such as reducing blank space
  • Must be able to produce high-res 300 DPI (dots per inch) digital document via scan, photograph, or digitally produce and place on a template if selected
  • Must be appropriate for a flat surface
  • Each artist can submit a maximum limit of (2) pieces of artwork

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated by North Bay’s PAAC committee under but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Artistic Merit - artwork exhibits high quality artistic ability and execution within project scope
  • Community Impact - generating a positive and strong visual impact on community / site location

Viability - artworks viability to translate onto a flat surface is taken into consideration

Additional Requirements

  • Include your name on the title of each of the documents (i.e. documents: JaneDoeBio; images: JaneDoe01 JaneDoe02)
  • When using a cloud service such as Gmail ensure your share settings are open to anyone with the link or the jury will not be able to access your portfolio
  • Submissions that do not meet the requirements or are missing documents will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered
  • Include only the requested materials in your submission

Please direct any questions to the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC):


Deadline for submissions: May 6th, 2024, by 4:30pm

Successful applicants contacted to secure high-res digital image: May 17th,2024

Successful applicants announced: May 20th, 2024

Installation begins: June 1st, 2024

Artist Fee

Successful applicants will receive a fee of $700 per piece selected

Art Release Form

Banner Requirements Release Form

All applicants must complete, sign, and include with their submission the City of North Bay’s Public Art Advisory Committee’s Art Release Form. Each artist must submit (1) art release form PER artwork.