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By-Law Enforcement

Our bylaw enforcement officers investigate, enforce and educate residents on municipal bylaws. The City's primary focus in enforcement is education. Wherever possible, officers work with residents to resolve violations by achieving compliance and ensuring steps are taken to resolve the initial violation.

Want to know more about City Bylaws?

Download a copy of North Bay's Good NeighbourHandbook. 

Good Neighbour Handbook

A citizen's guide to North Bay's municipal bylaws.

Animal Control

North Bay and District Humane Society

For animal control and after-hours emergency services, the City of North Bay contracts the North Bay and District Humane Society. Emergency services are comprised of injured dogs and cats that are at large where an owner cannot be found. If you encounter an injured dog or cat where an owner cannot be found, please call 705-474-1251. For wildlife concerns, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources by calling 705-475-5550.