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Sign Permits & Variances

If you run a business, corporation, or institution you will probably want to advertise and/or identify your business with a sign or signs. It is recommended that you review the Sign-by-law to determine if the sign you want to display requires a permit.

All documents and information needed to apply for a sign permit can be obtained below or by visiting the 2nd floor of City Hall.

Each application shall be accompanied by:

  • application fee
  • a plan to scale which indicates:
    • dimensions of the proposed sign, including the proposed height above grade
    • the location on the site including setbacks from property lines
    • the type of materials involved in the construction, lighting and support of the proposed sign.

Applying for a variance to the Sign By-law:


All signs to be displayed in the City, whether on private or public property, require a sign permit from the Planning Department. The following exceptions are allowed and may be subject to limitations:

  • Interior Signs
  • A change in the message displayed on the sign or advertising device.
  • A temporary non-illuminated real estate sign.
  • A sign required to be erected and displayed by law.
  • A temporary non-illuminated sign related to candidacy for a federal, provincial or municipal election.
  • A non-illuminated directional sign.
  • Non-illuminated identification sign.
  • Signs used by places of worship, schools or civic organizations.
  • A plaque identifying a building or structure and its architectural or historical significance.
  • Temporary Construction Signs

Downtown North Bay

An information brochure has been developed to assist with the Sign Permit requirements in the Downtown Improvement Area (DIA).