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Heritage Site

Capitol Centre

Site 19:
Capitol Centre
150 Main Street East
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Theatre, Performing Arts Centre and Gallery
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

This former movie theatre was constructed in 1928 by Hugo Gomoll, a building materials supplier from Powassan, who provided brick and lumber manufactured locally for the main structure. A three level stacked dressing room and fly gallery, which can be seen at the rear of the building on McIntyre Street, immediately identify this structure as a theatre. The perfect symmetry of the Main Street façade is typical of the period in which this was built, reflecting an influence carried forward from centuries prior.

North Bay’s original Famous Players and Vaudeville Theatre, now the Capitol Centre, has acted as the venue for many of the city’s cultural and entertainment events. Restored and renovated in 1986, the theatre has since been the auditorium for numerous attractions including the North Bay Symphony, local and visiting music and dance productions, Broadway-style theatrical productions, films, and civic presentations. The W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery, accessed from the front foyer, has earned a credible reputation for showcasing a variety of exhibitions by local and touring artists.

The restoration handsomely retains the classical components of the Main Street exterior, the main lobby and the theatre itself on the interior, which consists of ground floor orchestra and supplemental second floor balcony seating. The gracious foyer linking the Main Street entry and the rear parking access provides generous display space for notable local artists and photographers. This complements the gallery, which houses exhibitions of artwork, photography, sculpture, and traditional and contemporary displays of local arts and crafts.

At the front of the building, a second floor “Galaxy Room” provides space for receptions and teas, used in conjunction with presentations in the theatre. The space is also available for private functions. This area accommodates the exhibition of works of art held in the permanent collection of the centre.

The Capitol Centre truly is the heart of the arts community in the City of North Bay.