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Heritage Site

St. John's Anglican Church

Site 30:
St. John's Anglican Church
301 Main Street East
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
As above
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

This church, as a component of the Anglican Diocese of Algoma, was built in 1895 and is thereby the oldest standing church in North Bay. The building is of brick construction with a laminated wood roof. The series of oak hammer beams located in the nave are a very commanding feature of the interior. They visually draw the eye to the richly decorated oak chancel.

This relatively small edifice presents a unifying spatial relationship of the chancel and the nave. It is worthy of a visit to experience this sense of volume.

Some newer modifications, including revised access to the main entrance, have made handsome improvements to the property without compromising the strength and dominance of the original corner tower. The components of this renovation, including the gracious and commodious masonry steps, and the tasteful landscaping, have established an appropriate setting for the church in this streetscape.