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Heritage Site

McNutt Residence

Site 33:
McNutt Residence
715 Durril Street
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

This prominent home was originally built in 1915 for Beatrice Maude Parmelee by Jeffrey and Stevens, notable contractors in North Bay at the time. The house is a good example of typical upscale architecture of that time period, with its rectangular plan and wood construction with brick veneer.

Standing prominently at an elevated height over the west end of North Bay and over Lake Nipissing, the building’s location and position add to its grandeur. Although the street address is on Durril Street, the street façade is actually the side of the house, with the front of the home facing the lake. The design of the interior has also taken the lake view into account, with the orientation of the principal spaces, including the living room, dining room and master suite, designed to frame the panoramic view from the hilltop location.

The elegance of the home is complemented with numerous features kept and restored by its owners over time. These features include the living room fireplace, many rich wood wall treatments and hardwood floors. The interior doors, stairwell, and upstairs bathroom also maintain some of the unique and original details.

The house has also been home to Sheldon B. Clement, Chief Engineer for Ontario Northland Railway (former T&NO), when he purchased it in 1928.