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Heritage Site

Former Railton Building

Site 32:
Former Railton Building
143 Main Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Commercial Building
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

Reportedly constructed circa 1900, this building much resembles many of the downtown structures that were erected in the First World War era. A characteristic component of those buildings constructed in that period occurs here in the form of a bracketed cornice at roof level. By virtue of its street frontage and physical height, it is compatible with its neighbors, most of which were occupied by commercial premises on the ground floor with storage, business, and eventual residential uses on the second and third floors.

Railton’s Photography Studio and Hobby Shop operated from this site for over 40 years, after which “Photo Metro” occupied the space.

The building underwent major improvements in the early 2000’s with support from the City of North Bay to restore the building and to redo the front façade. The improvements have been well received and the building continues to serve a valuable commercial role in the downtown core.