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Heritage Site

Begg Residence

Site 16:
Begg Residence
578 Copeland Street
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

This well-preserved residence was constructed in 1909 for a local merchant and is one of the oldest residences in the city. The house was owned by the Canadian National Railway at one time when it served as the residence for several area superintendents.  Many of the original exterior and interior features (light fixtures, windows and woodwork) have been preserved. The structure is of brick construction with a white stone foundation.

While some improvements and upgrades have been made, the heritage value and unique character of this building have been carefully maintained. In addition, the owners have added greatly to the quality of this residence through creative landscaping in both front and rear yards.

A welcome element of this design is the southern side elevation, where the symmetry of the ground floor bay, second floor windows and third floor dormer, together with continuity in use of materials, add three-dimensional value to this form.

The massive brick piers of the front porch are appropriately related to the main body of the house, which is a full two and a half stories plus part basement in height. A wrap-around porch, with gabled bay over the steps, leads to the main entry in an L-shaped wing, set back from the front wall. Altogether, this residence exudes an aura of strong respectability that would be welcome in any stable community of older single family homes.