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Heritage Site

Bourke Residence

Site 36:
Bourke Residence
658 McIntyre Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

This building, constructed in 1907, is surrounded by heritage homes that enhance the architectural qualities of each other in one of North Bay’s oldest residential areas. The structural, yet decorative columns and the boxed-in triangular pediment over the porch area are strong elements of this design. The two story bay windows and the wrap-around porch are also distinctive components. Symmetry is established, centred on the main entrance, in the access stair, the pediment enhanced porch, and the second floor balcony. The windowedgable at the attic level is centred independently on the main front wing of the L-shaped structure. Altogether, the resulting composition is one of satisfying proportions.

The home was once the residence of the first Mayor of the City of North Bay, John Bourke.