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Heritage Site

Former Ontario Northland Railway Offices

Site 8:
Former Ontario Northland Railway Offices
195 Regina Street
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Ontario Northland Telecommunications Offices
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

Derived from the Edwardian Style, the hipped roof, the projected entry, side gables, and the boxed cornice at the eaves are unified by the symmetrical design of all facades and the classical entrance, which incorporates rounded pilasters supporting a protruding arch over the front door. The white limestone of the exterior walls was quarried in Kingston, Ontario, relating this structure to others in the city, such as the Pro-Cathedral.

Constructed in 1908, the original Timiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway building symbolized the economic importance of the T&NO within the community of North Bay and the emergence of the railway in northern Ontario. Today, the building stands as a reminder of the integral role that the railway had in establishing North Bay as a major transportation centre. It is particularly noteworthy that this building’s historic integrity has been so well maintained and preserved for over a full century.

An addition at the southeast end was constructed in 1921, and subsequently removed in 1987. Restitution of that elevation was then sensitively achieved in a manner compatible with the original structure, without disrupting the integrity of the original design. The ONR constructed new office headquarters nearby, when this building was converted to a telecommunications centre.