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Heritage Site

New Ontario Brewing Co. Ltd Heritage Site Plaque

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New Ontario Brewing Co. Ltd Heritage Site Plaque
Near Intersection of Memorial Drive and Regina Street
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From 1905 to 1915 the New Ontario Brewing Company Ltd operated on the shores of Lake Nipissing, supplying local and regional hoteliers and merchants with their aptly named “Nipissing Lager”. The exact location of the Brewery is best demonstrated by a 1905 municipal insurance map, which placed it just off of the mouth of Chippewa Creek. Topographical changes in Lake Nipissing and the Chippewa Creek bed indicate that if it were still standing today, the brewery would be located behind the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This site was ideal for the brewery because it was close to rail transportation, allowing for easy exporting of goods.

Before the brewery opened, in 1904, the company made a request to North Bay Council so that they could be supplied with municipal water. Water quality control was integral to the success of the brewery, as fresh, clean water was a key ingredient in their lager. Their location suggests that the company likely drew water from Lake Nipissing itself as opposed to the nearby creek, due to issues with homes draining into the water upstream.

The earliest photos of the brewery illustrate a two story block building with glazed wooden windows and a prominent chimney. The name, New Ontario Brewing Co. Ltd was painted in white across the front of the building. The brewing company operated for nearly a decade before it was razed by a fire in 1915.