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Heritage Site

Angus Family Residence

Site 13:
Angus Family Residence
847 Main Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

This home has a mutually flattering character shared with several other houses in the neighbourhood. The key design features include the original double square columns with a small relieving arch in the centre and the high pitched gable roof. It was constructed during the period of 1913-1920.

This house and both of the immediate neighbouring houses on either side were all designed by H. Angus, a local architect, for members of his family. These three buildings exhibit a sibling relationship that reflects the kinship of their original owners. Their unique style is shared in the use of ceramic tiles and a stucco exterior that covers all sides of the home. This similarity is a major strength in fulfillment of the design where form and materials remain consistent on all sides of the building. The upper floors and dormers were later covered with cedar shakes and then recovered in the 1940s with asbestos shingles.

It was the childhood home of Ontario’s 22nd Premier, Michael D. Harris.