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Heritage Site

Sisters of the Precious Blood Monastery

Site 43:
Sisters of the Precious Blood Monastery
165 Monastery Road
Evaluation Score:
Priority Three

The Precious Blood Monastery is a three-storey building, nestled on 22.97 acres of pristine land on Monastery Road. The grounds of the Precious Blood Monastery were well manicured with a contemplative private pond, shrines and a grotto with statue of the Virgin Mary. The Monastery's strategic location on the Laurentian Escarpment, or 'Eloy's Hill' as it was once known, created seclusion from the city and allowed the Sisters of the Precious Blood to 'turn their back upon the world and face Christ.'

In keeping with the vow of poverty that the Sisters of the Precious Blood took, mortification and perfect neatness were uniform in their rooms or 'cells.' Each cell was minimally furnished and the Sisters were not permitted to speak in or enter another cell.

Although their cells were bleak, the Sisters of the Precious Blood spent most of their time in the Host Room making altar breads. This was important and exacting work for the Sisters and they produced approximately 4,030,020 hosts every year (80,000 weekly) and supplied the entire Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie with altar breads.

The Precious Blood Monastery was acquired by Nipissing University in 2006/ The Monastery's location between the University's upper and lower campus made the property desirable to Nipissing University for future expansion and preservation of history/ The Monastery is now home to the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts and is complete with lecture theatres, classrooms, meeting rooms , offices as well as ample studio space for students.