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Heritage Site

Former Bank of Nova Scotia

Site 31:
Former Bank of Nova Scotia
126 Main Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Commercial Building
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

The temple front of this building is the only example of its kind in North Bay. It is typical of that period when financial institutions favoured forms of monumental architecture to symbolize stability and security in the community.

The triangular pediment, the decorative centre panel, and the supporting Doric columns make this a significant replica of historical origin. Originally constructed in 1926, this building then functioned as the main branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia. As it did when built, this structure adds an element of grandeur to the streetscape of the downtown area.

Conversion to retail use has been tastefully executed without conflict with the main components of the original design. This renovation is one of a few Main Street buildings that demonstrate the potential of downtown renewal that could be mutually beneficial to businesses and shoppers alike, as well as to the community in general.