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Heritage Site

Surtees Residence

Site 27:
Surtees Residence
853 Main Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Home
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

The residence is located in the historic residential west end of North Bay. Many of the homes found in this neighbourhood were constructed between 1900 and 1920. Infill housing has provided the neighbourhood with comparatively modern homes; however the turn of the century architectural vernacular remains relatively consistent. The residence has been owned by the Surtees family for over sixty years, but a string of families once called this impressive residence home.

The residence at 853 Main Street West is found within a grouping of four homes with a similar style. Although each of the four homes flanking the property have distinguishing features, it is evident that the four homes were constructed at a similar time, with a common architectural theme. It is believed that Angus built these other homes for his children as the buildings exhibit a sibling relationship that reflects the kinship of their original owners.

The features outlined above from the exterior tapered columns, large front veranda, dormered windows, and their toned-down features that make this a good example of a craftsman styled home in HW Angus' austere stylings for the region. The interior detailing with solid wood features used in simple, but elegant ways maintain the craftsman style detailing but are far less subdued than the exterior.