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Heritage Site

Carmichael United Church

Site 40:
Carmichael United Church
521 Four Mile Lake Road
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
As above
Evaluation Score:
Priority Three

This small scale church, constructed in 1889, is simple in design and has been generally maintained and preserved in its original state ever since. An addition was made to the Church in 1978 to incorporate indoor plumbing facilities. The unpretentious character of the building is refreshingly admirable, also reflected in the discreet signage.

The church is located behind the North Bay airport and has served the surrounding rural community for over 100 years. Built by local parishioners, the church stands on its original site and is still used today.

The very basic concept, executed with good craftsmanship, presents an excellent example of historical construction as it employed early methods and materials typical of the era. Such buildings usually appeared alone in the local landscape, well adapted to the natural terrain.

It stands today as a significant tribute to this congregation that has ensured its conservation over more than a full century.