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Heritage Site

Beamish Residence

Site 14:
Beamish Residence
768 McIntyre Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority One

This house was constructed in 1907. The two story front porch is very substantial in form and is adorned with Ionic columns, all unique to North Bay. It has a hipped roof with wave-form dormer windows. The visual weight of the second floor porch roof and the proportionally related columns allow the first and second floor railings to appear light and frothy by comparison. A strong symmetry is centred on the two-story wood porch between matched masonry bays. The fanned steps of the main entry are very generous in scale, and thus appropriately related to the proportions of the entire front façade. The front entrance is the sole element of this composition that is off centre, thereby underlining the total obedience of all other components to the discipline of the symmetry about the vertical axis of the street elevation.

A well preserved home of majestic stature, it was once the original residence of a local merchant, Mr. Beamish. Mr. Jack Shaw, former North Bay Mayor, also resided here. Mr. Arthur Cavanaugh, former manager of Ontario Northland Railway, lived in this house from 1940-1950.