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Heritage Site

Second Bourke Residence

Site 37:
Second Bourke Residence
663 McIntyre Street West
Date Originally Built:
Present Use:
Private Residence
Evaluation Score:
Priority Two

This two-story home, situated within the historic West End residential area of North Bay, still retains the original terra cotta brick masonry with wooden framing and beams. The building is in a traditional brick four square style. The veranda, spanning the front of the home is a standard detail for the time period. Many of the windows, largely found to the rear of the building, are the original wood double sash, single glazed windows.

The interior of the home has been well-preserved with original hot water radiators, painted wood wall panels, large wood trims, baseboards, newel posts, and stair railings. Many of the doors in the home are solid wood raised panel doors with original brass hardware.

The home was once owned by John Bourke, the first Mayor of North Bay. He purchased the property in 1903, several years after he became mayor.