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Driveways (Private Approaches)

Private Approach

Residents who plan to create, widen or close a private driveway or lane way that accesses a public road need to apply for a Private Approach Permit. 

Do I need a Culvert?

A private approach requires a culvert if it crosses a ditch. Entrance culverts are the responsibility of the property owner.  A property owner has the option of hiring a qualified contractor or entering into a Service Contract Agreement with the City to perform any culvert replacements or extensions. Under a Service Contract Agreement, maintenance and replacement of the private approach shall, where a private approach to a Residential Property abutts an arterial or collector highway as designated on the City’s Official Plan, or crosses a major storm sewer as determined by the City Engineer, the maintenance and replacement of the private approach shall be the shared responsibility of the abutting owner and the City in accordance with the following: 

  • the owner will be responsible for the first $2,000 of the replacement cost (excluding restoration);
  • the City will be responsible for the balance of the costs;
  • and resurfacing will be to City standards (gravel) provided that, should the owner wish to upgrade the resurfacing, the owner will be solely responsible for the
    costs of the upgrading.