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Sidewalk Maintenance

The City's Roads Department works year-round to maintain 150 kilometres of sidewalks. Construction of sidewalks are outlined in the City's 10-year capital plan and the need to construct a new sidewalk is based on the volume of pedestrian traffic and speed of vehicular traffic.

During the Summer

Sidewalks are surveyed annually in order to identify deficiencies and deflections listed in Minimum Maintenance Standard of Ontario.  Through the survey, areas of replacement are prioritized by the rating given to the sidewalk in each area.  Any repairs that are completed must be in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act. The City has an annual Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Capital program which is used to repair defective and unsafe sidewalks.  

During the Winter

In accordance with the guidelines set out under the Minimum Maintenance Standard of Ontario, all sidewalks are to be cleared 48 hours after an event where the accumulation is eight centimetres (three inches) or greater.

Sidewalk plowing priorities during a typical winter event are:

  1. Sidewalks adjacent to high-volume roadways with high pedestrian volumes.
  2. Sidewalks in the downtown core, including City Hall, North Bay Transit and the Discovery Museum.
  3. School areas and place of worship.