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Snow Removal

Snow removal is completed when the road snow storage area (roadside boulevard) is at its capacity. When this occurs, sight lines can be compromised.  The City of North Bay will remove snow as it permits as there is no Provincial Regulation outlining when this must be completed.  Snow removal is also preformed to reduce the cost of spring clean-up as there is a large amount of sand content within the snow and it reduces the risk of spring flooding. 

The primary site for snow disposal by the City's Roads Department is located at the Public Works Yard at 1399 Franklin St.  The site has been used for snow disposal for more than 40 years and has access on a granular base that can support truck traffic. Environmental impact is considered as long as the site has proper grading and surface drainage. 

Snow Deposit By-Law

Property owners and/or private contractors are not permitted to deposit snow on the roadways.